A risk perspective from altitude

A conference by The Forum Finance Group

We had the pleasure of welcoming Thomas de Dorlodot on Wednesday, 15th of September for our conference on risk management. With our colleagues and partners, we were able to draw interesting parallels between the detailed preparations with which a professional, high-level sportsman controls his risk levels and the analysis enabling wealth managers to do the same for their clients. After the enlightening contributions by Nigel Turner, our CIO, and by Thomas, which were followed by a questions round for the atterndance, our guests could further and share their thoughts around a cocktail accompanied by our employees.

We thank all guests for their interest, our employees for their contribution, Nigel Turner for his presentation, and Thomas de Dorlodot particularly for enabling us to dream about flying and understanding the profound risk management notions that such an endeavour entails. Thank you all for making this conference such a resounding success!

On Thomas De Dorlotot

Thomas has been a top professional paraglider for over 15 years, holder of several records and sponsored by Redbull and VW among others. He travels the world by sail, whether it is that of his paraglider or more recently of his boat. As an extreme athlete, he has to assess and control the risks he takes on a daily basis.

On Forum Finance

We offer global wealth management services to international high net worth clients as well as to family office structures. As investors, we need to constantly identify and measure risks in order to take adequate decisions to protect our clients’ wealth and make it flourish.