After 25 years of existence, Forum Finance intends to continue its growth by attracting talent

Geneva, September xx, 2019. On the occasion of its jubilee, the Geneva-based wealth management company The Forum Finance Group intends to take full advantage of its experience to implement its further development plans. Indeed, after 25 years of existence and with more than CHF 1.5 billion under management, Forum Finance ranks amongst the Top 10% of the largest independent managers in Switzerland and has the necessary resources to ensure its future growth. In addition, thanks to its proven corporate governance, which provides access to its capital and ensures a smooth transition between generations of managing partners, the company can attract talented individuals.

On the occasion of its first quarter century, Forum Finance can be proud of its first 25 years of existence. Indeed, not only has it reached a size that allows it to finance its future development, but above all it has been able to renew itself, thanks to effective governance that has allowed a smooth transition from one generation of partners to the next. Forum Finance is thus different from most independent management companies, which are often first generation companies where the transfer to new managers has often not been planned. The experience acquired in this field therefore gives it a head start over its competitors and is a powerful argument to convince managers looking for a new home.

“When not well prepared, the departure of the founder(s) of a management company can be traumatic. As far as we are concerned, we had clear rules in place from the outset on this subject and we have had several opportunities to check their validity in practice. We have also taken care to maintain a balance between age groups in order to avoid, as is sometimes the case, that all partners leave at the same time. 20% of our employees are under the age of 30 and are particularly well trained. It is very reassuring to see talented young graduates prefer a management boutique like ours rather than larger institutions,” explained Hervé Chanut, Chairman of the board of Forum Finance.

Forum Finance has been able to anticipate the changes in the wealth management industry. As a result, Forum Finance set up solid internal structures in 2016 that enabled it to obtain an LPCC licence from FINMA and to be ready today for the arrival of the LSFin/LEFin (the Swiss equivalent of MiFid II). The company is also registered with the SEC to handle US clients, which is an additional guarantee of reliability and transparency. In addition, Forum Finance has invested for years in analytical, management and wealth management tools, which enables it to respond to the changing needs of its clients.

“Estate and tax planning has become an essential element in any well-designed wealth management. And in this respect, it is perhaps what makes the difference: our ability to listen and above all to understand the specific problems of each of our clients, which allows us to provide them with a management truly adapted to their individual situation. In the end, by putting customer relations first rather than short-term profitability, I believe that we are what private banks should never have ceased to be. ” said Etienne Gounod, CEO of Forum Finance.