Maximilien Drion is getting ready for his winter season

Maximilien Drion who we are proud to sponsor is getting ready for his winter season.


As I had already mentioned in my previous Newsletter, I was invited in Bormio by Crazy - The Original Ski Touring Clothing. These few days with them allowed me to share some training and pleasant moments with the other sponsored athletes as well as to exchange on the values of the company and their products. Being in Bormio also allowed me to visit Ski Trab, my ski sponsor. At the end of the three days spent with the Crazy athletes, I decided to spend a few more days on site, at the Stelvio pass at 2750m altitude. Well took me because in the space of a day, there fell more than a metre of snow! The dream! So, I was able to enjoy excellent training conditions and open my appetite for the season ahead.

FFG Maximilien Drion Borrmio 1


When I returned to Valais, I continued the training, this time on foot, because the snow had not fallen in abundance on that side of the Alps. I took the opportunity to take part in the Derupe, a mountain race that connects Chalais to Vercorin (5km/800m vertical). The event that was to take place on October 25th had finally been transformed into a month-long race where participants could freely choose the day they set off on the climb. Living in Vercorin since 2008 makes this race particularly important to me and I have great memories on that race. My goal was to improve my best performance on this climb (33'54 in 2019). This year, I clocked 31'17 on a course slightly shortened for safety reasons. When comparing this year's course with the one of 2019, I came to the conclusion that this year's course was about 1min50 shorter. It means that my time on the official course would have been 33'07, a solid improvement over 2019!

My times in recent years show a nice progression ...

2016 : 35’42
2017 : 35’03
2018 : 34’17
2019 : 33’54
2020 : 33’07

Who wants to try to guess my 2021 time? The course record is 32'56 (Saul Antonio Padua in 2018), will it fall in 2021?


Following this very good performance, I went to Zermatt to join the Swiss team and train with them for a week. I was very happy to find them and put the skis back on. It was a very busy week of training during which I felt excellent sensations. In addition to the four to five hours of daily workouts, I am surprised to still have the motivation and concentration to study and take my online courses for my Master in Management.

Here is an excerpt from one of my days (November 12):

6h30: Wake-up call
6h40: fasting in the streets of Zermatt
7h00: lunch and preparation of equipment for ski training
8h15: travel by gondola from Zermatt to Trockener Steg (2940m)
9h – 12h: Ski mountaineering training between Trockner Steg and the Breithorn (4164m)
12h00: Redescent in Zermatt
13h00: Meal
14h – 16h: Studying for university
16h – 17h: Running training
17h15 – 17h45: Core training
18h – 19h: Studying for university
19h00: Meal
20h – 21h: Relax (card games all together)
21h – 22h30: Studying for the University
22h30: 20min stretching
23h00: In bed

That week in Zermatt, as you can see, was very rhythmic...

Back in Vercorin, a very busy second week was waiting for me, but this time I had to be a little more creative to be able to ski. Indeed, with a friend, we climbed to the Bishorn (4150m). For this, we had to walk from Zinal (1600m) to about 3000m. From there, we put on our skis and roped ourselves to cross the glacier and reach the summit. The view was beautiful, it was a great adventure.

A few days later, I followed up with a second 4000m summit, the Allalinhorn, a summit that is easily accessible from the Saas-Fee ski slopes. It was another beautiful sunny day.

Since then, the snow continues to be desired and I still can't train on the slopes of the Val d'Anniviers (the opening is scheduled for December 12). I adapt and train more in running and I try to put the skis a few times a week in Verbier, Thyon, Saas-Fee or Crans-Montana.

Training continues as the first World Cup scheduled for 19-20 December in Ponte-di-Legno, Italy, has been confirmed.

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Geneva WM increases China equities exposure.

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He has invested in the UBS Greater China and UBS China Opportunity funds, both managed by AAA-rated Bin Shi.

The former returned 62.9% over three years to 31 August, compared with 26% of the sector average and ranks second out of 31 strategies for total return within the Equity – Greater China category on Citywire.

The UBS China Opportunity fund has returned 56.4% over three years, compared with the sector average’s 30.7% in the Equity – China category.

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The solutions are aimed at entrepreneurs and executives and include tailor made portfolios for vested benefits assets of more than CHF 750,000 and diversification among several asset classes.

Geneva-based Forum Finance Group has teamed up with independent platform Liberty to offer pension plans.

The solutions are aimed at entrepreneurs and executives and include tailor-made portfolios for vested benefits assets of more than CHF 750,000 and diversification among several asset classes.

Forum Finance Group’s managing partner Hippolyte de Weck, who oversees the pension solutions business, said: ‘A perfect knowledge of the technical intricacies of insurance, taxation and pension planning is naturally essential.

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After 25 years of existence, Forum Finance intends to continue its growth by attracting talent

Geneva, September xx, 2019. On the occasion of its jubilee, the Geneva-based wealth management company The Forum Finance Group intends to take full advantage of its experience to implement its further development plans. Indeed, after 25 years of existence and with more than CHF 1.5 billion under management, Forum Finance ranks amongst the Top 10% of the largest independent managers in Switzerland and has the necessary resources to ensure its future growth. In addition, thanks to its proven corporate governance, which provides access to its capital and ensures a smooth transition between generations of managing partners, the company can attract talented individuals.

On the occasion of its first quarter century, Forum Finance can be proud of its first 25 years of existence. Indeed, not only has it reached a size that allows it to finance its future development, but above all it has been able to renew itself, thanks to effective governance that has allowed a smooth transition from one generation of partners to the next. Forum Finance is thus different from most independent management companies, which are often first generation companies where the transfer to new managers has often not been planned. The experience acquired in this field therefore gives it a head start over its competitors and is a powerful argument to convince managers looking for a new home.

"When not well prepared, the departure of the founder(s) of a management company can be traumatic. As far as we are concerned, we had clear rules in place from the outset on this subject and we have had several opportunities to check their validity in practice. We have also taken care to maintain a balance between age groups in order to avoid, as is sometimes the case, that all partners leave at the same time. 20% of our employees are under the age of 30 and are particularly well trained. It is very reassuring to see talented young graduates prefer a management boutique like ours rather than larger institutions," explained Hervé Chanut, Chairman of the board of Forum Finance.

Forum Finance has been able to anticipate the changes in the wealth management industry. As a result, Forum Finance set up solid internal structures in 2016 that enabled it to obtain an LPCC licence from FINMA and to be ready today for the arrival of the LSFin/LEFin (the Swiss equivalent of MiFid II). The company is also registered with the SEC to handle US clients, which is an additional guarantee of reliability and transparency. In addition, Forum Finance has invested for years in analytical, management and wealth management tools, which enables it to respond to the changing needs of its clients.

"Estate and tax planning has become an essential element in any well-designed wealth management. And in this respect, it is perhaps what makes the difference: our ability to listen and above all to understand the specific problems of each of our clients, which allows us to provide them with a management truly adapted to their individual situation. In the end, by putting customer relations first rather than short-term profitability, I believe that we are what private banks should never have ceased to be. " said Etienne Gounod, CEO of Forum Finance.


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